Barbecue Safety for Dogs

The dog days of summer are here! With the days becoming steamier and the sun shining brighter, fun summer activities are just around the corner. Trips to the beach, picnics in the park, and playing in the backyard are all summer activities to share with your favorite dog. Barbecues and grilling parties are one of America’s favorite summer traditions but can be seriously dangerous for dogs. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when you hold your next backyard BBQ!

Keep Gates Closed

Dogs, and other pets, can easily escape with lots of guests coming and going. Make your guests aware that there is a dog in the home. Make sure they close doors or gates behind them. If your dog is a master escape artist, consider keeping them on a lead or in a crate.

No People Food

With all the yummy foods cooked at a BBQ, it can be hard for your dog to resist trying to snag some. Let guests know not to feed your dogs. Foods like bones, corn on the cob, and alcohol are particularly dangerous and in abundance at an outdoor party. Even the not dangerous foods can upset your dog’s stomach if they get too many tasty treats from unaware guests.

Dangerous Flames

Make sure your pet stays far away from any open flames or open grills. Your dog might be especially tempted to wander to close when there’s yummy food being cooked. It might be best to keep your pet contained while a grill is being actively used. Make sure any fire starters like lighter fluid and charcoal are far away from the grill.

Give them Cool Down Time

Give your dog some time to cool down from the heat and hectic nature of backyard barbecues. If they’ve been outside with you for awhile, make sure you let them back inside to take a nap in the AC. Having a lot of guests over can be stressful for even the most people-loving dogs. Like humans, dogs need their personal time too.

With some careful planning and preparation, backyard barbecues don’t have to be dangerous. Keep these tips in mind for your next party. Your dog will thank you for making the party fun and safe for humans and dogs alike.


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