Cat Sitting
Not all cats are created the same. We treat them all individually – just like kids. From brushing, playing with feather mice, drinking from the faucet or providing a mini massage, we are there to help. Let us come and brush, play, feed and scoop their litter when you are away.

Our cat sitting services are designed with every cat in mind. We design each cat sit to the needs of your individual cat.

What happens during a cat sitting visit?

After you design your specialized cat sitting plan, the Pet Care Specialist will perform the following items on their visit:

  • Clean and wash food and water bowls
  • Clean all litter boxes
  • Look around the house for any “hair balls” that may need cleaning

Your Cat Pet Care Specialist will ensure they see your cat while they are there. If your cat is super shy, we do not force them to be social. However. if your cat is social, your Cat Pet Care Specialist will take time to play, cuddle, pet and brush the remainder of the visit.

Once your cat’s visit is completed, we will send you a text message with an update on how everything is progressing.  

Are you able to provide my cat medication?

Our Cat Care Specialists has experience and knowledge in order to take care of cats who may need a variety of medications. 

Will my cat have the same cat sitter?

Pawsitive Pet Care is able to assign the same Cat Pet Care Specialist during each visit.  By doing so, helps to provide our clients with peace of mind on who is going into your home and caring for your cats.