Why Choose Pawsitive Pet Care? 

1. Using a Friend / Neighbor?

We are experienced professionals which makes all the difference!

Sure, we know sometimes a neighbor or family member offers to check in on your pets while you are on vacation.


  • What happens if there is a pet medical emergency? We are set up with the proper knowledge and policies to ensure your pet gets the care required in such a circumstance.
  • What if your neighbor has an emergency themselves? We have a backup system in place to take care of your home and pet care needs should your assigned sitter be unable to do so.
  • What if your pet is on a strict medication schedule? We customize care around your needs so we keep medication schedules on track.
  • Always available

This is all we do! We exist for the sole purpose of offering our clients customized, professional pet care in their homes. Not only do we offer extraordinary pet sitting and dog walking, we have experience and a 100% backup operation in place. You will never have to worry if your pets are being cared for.

We know pet parents have concerns when choosing a pet care provider. We understand because we are pet parents ourselves. We can address ALL of those concerns and more importantly we can tell you exactly why we are your WORRY-FREE choice for pet care.

As the saying goes, if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional – wait until you experience the cost of an amateur!

2. Kenneling Your Pets

We take pet care to the next level!

Did you know? It costs $80.00 per day on average to kennel more than one pet in our area.

Why pay to close your pets in a glorified cage when they can stay at home?

Important benefits of using a professional pet sitter:

  • Pets are not stressed since they never leave their comfy surroundings
  • Pets are not housed in the loud chaotic atmosphere of group boarding
  • Pets remain on the feeding schedule YOU put in place
  • Pets are exercised to the level YOU choose
  • Pets are not exposed to illness/bacteria/parasites commonly shared in boarding situations
  • Pets do not require the inconvenient dropping off and picking up
  • Pets build a lasting relationship with their sitter and since they know treats and cuddles come with our service, they are actually RELAXED while you are gone.

In addition to all these benefits for the pets, someone is also coming and going from your home every day for security purposes. We will also send you text updates after each visit and let you know exactly how your pet is doing.

Come and see why pets have given us the
“4 Paws Up” stamp of approval!