Dog Sitting

Tired of imposing on family, friends and neighbors to care for your dog?  Keep putting off vacation plans because you don’t have anyone to help? If you are going out on vacation or traveling for business, we would love to take care of your little ones. Our goal is to keep your pet on the same schedule and routine as if you were there. All of the details related to your pet needs will be discussed during the initial meet and greet.

Why Use Pawsitive Pet Care?

Our dog sitting services are specifically designed with your dog’s needs and routine in mind. 

Our Pet Care Specialist will visit your dog 3 to 4 times a day to provide them with walks, fresh food and water. In addition to basic care, our Pet Care Specialist will provide your dog with play time, cuddling, petting, brushing and treats. You will receive a text message after each visit so you are aware of how your fur kid is doing. 

How Many Visits A Day Does My Dog Need?

Every dog is different – this is why Pawsitive Pet Care helps to design a dog sitting program that is specialized to your dogs needs. 

Why Dog Sitting Instead of Boarding?

Hiring a dog sitter allows your dog to receive one on one attention. It lets your dog stick to their normal routine and is far less stressful.  Having a pet sitter come to your home helps to provide additional safety. Our Pet Specialists will:

  • Bring in the mail
  • Alternate lights
  • Open and close blinds / curtains
  • Water outside plants
  • Make sure there are no issues inside the home 

Most importantly, hiring a dog sitter to come to your home helps to prevent your dog from being exposed to illnesses and possible injury.