Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pawsitive Pets currently offers dog walking, pet sitting for both cats and dogs, pet massage and pet taxi

  • We provide customized professional care to pets in the following communities:

    • Canton
    • Farmington Hills
    • Livonia
    • Northville
    • Novi
    • Plymouth

    And we have expanded to:

    • Beverly Hills
    • Birmingham
  • Pawsitive Pet Care currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Checks and Cash

  • We require two sets of working keys from every in-home pet sitting and/or dog walking client. Keys are to be given to us at the time of the initial meet & greet. One set of keys is for your dedicated pet specialist and the other set is to be held in our office in a dedicated key lock box for emergencies, lockouts or in case your keys should break or fail to work in the lock.

  • Our various pet care services are provided 7 days a week and our pet sitting services are available for the most part 24/7. Our office hours are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm M-F, Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office is closed on Sundays.

  • All payments are due prior to services being rendered. Regular daily in-home pet visits and dog walks are billed weekly. Future invoices can be e-mailed at the time you reserve services.

  • We prefer and make every attempt to maintain the continuity of the same Pet Care Specialist and will do everything possible to do so. If that person is not available, another of our Pet Care Specialists will provide service for your pet(s).

  • No. Our Pet Care Specialists are not allowed to accept orders for service directly from either existing or new clients. Pawsitive Pet Care utilizes an online scheduling system which we require our specialists to monitor daily. We ask that you do not put them in an uncomfortable position as this is part of our company policy. In addition, they are not allowed to accept future visits. Please contact Pawsitive Pet Care directly. We kindly require all existing clients to log into Power Pet Sitter for all requests of service dates and times.

  • You can complete a client profile on Power Pet Sitter. Power Pet Sitter will also have a profile of your pet(s), Client Agreement, and Veterinary information. Once your information has been received, we can schedule an initial meet & greet at a time most convenient to you. This meeting normally takes approximately 30 minutes.

  • We maintain every pet’s detailed information within our online database. As you set yourself up for pet services it is critical to keep your records up to date with any contact information or medical changes for your pet. The site includes the owner’s contact phone numbers, your pet’s veterinarian and medical history. We are also fully certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross and we maintain an up to date American Red Cross Pet First Aid kit which we carry with us on all of our outings in the event of any emergency.

  • YES, absolutely. This is a requirement for service. We ask for confirmation either by phone or text. All of our contact information is provided to you at the time of our initial meet & greet. In the event that your return is being delayed for any reason, please let us know ASAP so we can make arrangements to continue service for your pet(s). The safety of your pets is our primary concern. We do everything in our power to ensure their safety. While we certainly anticipate that you will be arriving home on the date you provide to us, we understand there will occasionally be circumstances beyond your control that will prevent you from returning on the indicated date. If this happens, please call us and we will absolutely extend past the predetermined visits to care for your pets. We ask that you call or text when you arrive home.

    Note: additional costs will be incurred according to the number of visits or time needed to sit for your pet.

  • Absolutely not. We do not walk dogs off leash. We strictly adhere to each cities regulations. This is for the safety and security of your pet and is not allowed by our insurance carrier.

  • Pawsitive Pet Care Pet Care Specialist(s) will be the only parties with access to your home. All keys are kept in a secured lock box when not in use and no address or other personal information is attached to your keys.

  • No. We never allow for dog-to-dog greetings under any circumstance. Even though your dog may be socialized and friends with other dogs in and around your neighborhood, we cannot take any chances that an incident could occur.

  • People that live in Michigan can expect the weather to change on a moment’s notice. At a minimum we guarantee that each dog will receive adequate exercise for that day and full regular outings will resume on the next scheduled outing. We will always use extreme care in our outings when it comes to hot and cold temperatures. We will take our time giving plenty of water breaks and will adjust our routine accordingly to assure a totally safe and enjoyable session for your dog.

  • Yes, however you will still need to go through the initial in-home evaluation.

  • With our pet taxi service, we will transport your pet to and from the vet, groomer or wherever he/she needs to go. We can also remain with your pet throughout a scheduled vet visit.

  • We believe in a positive reinforcement philosophy with every dog, utilizing praise, rewards and consistency. During our sessions with your dog, we become your dog’s pack leader when these standards are applied on a consistent basis, the end result will be very a positive experience for your dog. We practice such basic dog commands as “sit”, “stay”, “come” and “down”. In addition, if the owner has a specific set of commands used for their pet we will incorporate those commands ensuring consistency between the owner and your Pet Care Specialist.

  • We will assess the situation to determine the best course of action. Our concern is always what will be best for your pet. We will always attempt to contact the owner to get their permission for our chosen course of action. Depending on the situation, we will either rush the pet to the closest veterinarian or, in a non-emergency; we will make every effort to take them to your designated veterinarian.

  • We are fully insured and bonded. Our certificates of coverage are on file and available upon request.

  • We sure can! Please contact Pawsitive Pet Care and we will be glad to send you a list of personal references.