Meet The Family of Pawsitive Pet Care

Nobody knows your pet better than you, but when you can’t be there, our Pet Care Specialists are the next best thing! That’s because they’re “pet people” too!

All of our pet care specialists must live or work within their service area and have an extensive knowledge of pets.  We do a thorough criminal and background check before hiring.  Our specialists look after your pets as if they were their own.

Jennifer, Dexter & Wednesday Williams

Jennifer Williams – Owner

My name is Jennifer but everyone calls me Jen. Being a pet business owner, I often get asked a lot how did you learn or get started with Pet Massage?

Well, after working 13 years in the automotive industry I knew I needed a drastic change. Like most people, I love to be around animals. One day I was talking to my pets groomer and she brought up the idea of researching Pet Massage. I thought to myself “There is NO way this is for real!”  After extensive research, I found a school in Toledo, OH called (you would NEVER guess) – PetMassage! I found not only would this really help my dog Wednesday with her arthritis and flexibility issues, but Pet Massage would also help a lot of other pets.

Of course, doing more research I decided to pair pet massage with other pet care services. Thus, Pawsitive Pets was born.

You also may want to know where our logo came from? It is a little character based off of our dog Addison. As you can tell, my life revolves around my pets. Just like our clients.

Allen & Wednesday Williams

Allen Williams – Owner

My name is Allen Williams. I am the man behind the scenes. Some of the clients have met me at Meet & Greets or at various events. I also help with pet sitting duties – mostly on weekends.

I must admit that I never had pets growing up. My older sister Donna was the one bringing something into the house – various types of birds, guinea pigs or a garter snake. It wasn’t until I bought a Chinchilla for Jen one year for Christmas (named Ian), that I began my own path caring for pets. From there we adopted Wednesday, Zoe, Addison, Dexter and our newest addition Ilse.  Needless to say, its been a wonderful and adventurous learning experience.

Being able to meet our clients and help with their fur kids has been an amazing and fulfilling opportunity.


Ilse Williams

Ilse Williams

My name is Ilse and I am the newest member of the Pawsitive Pet Care family.  I am almost 1 years old.  Time flies when you are working and having fun.

I love my job as the hostess of the family.  When we have friends visit our house, I greet them and engage them in playtime.  From time to time, I will go to work with my mom to visit other little friends that are super shy.  My hope is to help them break out of their shell and go for a nice walk.

In my spare time, you can come and visit Dexter and I at the Canton Dog Park.  I love running and playing with the bigger dogs.  In my spare time, I love to nap, chew on bones and spend time cuddling with my parents, Dexter and sometimes my new friends.


Dexter Williams

Dexter Williams

My name is Dexter and I am almost 2 years old.  Where did the time go?  Since I became a member of the family, I have trained to not only be the newest employee, I am also my mom’s service dog.  Needless to say, I don’t live a boring life.  

I love being able to go to work with my mom.  I have the opportunity to meet new friends.  Help socialize puppies and teach them how to walk properly on a leash.  Best of all, I get to run, wrestle, play and socialize with  my friends and help burn off all that extra energy.

In my spare time, you can come and visit me at the Canton Dog Park.  I have many friends that I love to see and run with.  Of course, after a hard days work, I love to spend time cuddling.

Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

My name is Zoe Williams.  I just turned 12 years old!  I am the silent partner in the Pawsitive Pet Care family.

I spend most of my day napping on my window bed.  I love catching some sun and watching whats going on in the neighborhood.  I have most of my adventures at night when Dexter and Ilse are sleeping.  That’s when I have conversations with my parents, get my pets, snuggle and eat snacks.

Wednesday Williams

Wednesday Williams

Wednesday Williams – Memoriam

It is with heavy hearts that we report that we lost an integral part of our family. Wednesday passed away in January 2017. She lived to be almost 16 years old.

Wednesday loved to sit in her chair and watch the neighbors. Visiting her grandparents and keeping her younger brother Dexter out of  trouble.  Wednesday (aka Warden Wednesday) always made sure everything ran smoothly and according to plan.  Slacking was not her forte.
Wednesday taught Allen and I so much over the years.  She taught us to “jump” when she barked (I can still hear that bark)! How to be more patient and loyal Even though Wednesday loved being the only fur child for many years, she was always warm, loving and welcoming to  her new friends.  Her big heart will always be missed.


Addison Williams

Addison Williams – Memoriam  

As many of Pawsitive Pets long term clients know, Allen and I lost an important member of our family in December 2015. Addison is not only a tremendous loss to our family, but our client’s pets as well. Addison helped puppies learn to leash walk and become more socialized. He was kind to dogs that were scared and afraid to break out of their shells. Addi also helped little blind dogs get around while walking and playing in their yard. He took his job seriously and enjoyed everyday – it was always a different adventure.
Allen and I can not say enough about Addi. We miss him more and more everyday. We are thankful to all of our clients that allowed Addison to be a part of their pets lives. It made his life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.