What Pawsitive Pet Care Offers

Here is a list of available services. To obtain pricing, please call us at 734-294-8408 or fill out the Contact Us box to the right

Potty Break
Does your dog need a quick break to run and play in the yard in order to break up their day? 

In addition to offering a chance for dogs to relieve themselves, our potty break service offers your dog a chance to stretch their legs, socialize, get some fresh air and have their new routine to look forward to. 

Clients who begin potty break services find their dogs are much more relaxed when they get home.  We are there to spend individual time with just them.  We ensure your dog(s) have their own special daily schedule so they do not feel left out while you are at work. 

The potty break service is also perfect for puppies who are house training.  We can be there to help keep your new puppy on a potty schedule and give them valuable social time.


Dog Walking
Do you work long grueling hours? Running home during your lunch time to let the dog out? Have meetings that are scheduled at the end of the day or want to meet up with some friends after work? Do they have more energy than you do. Maybe your pup has more energy than you do.  By letting us walk your dog, you can take back control of your precious free time!


Cat Sitting
We understand that not all cats are created the same. We make sure to cater to your cats unique and individual needs.  From brushing, playing with feather mice, drinking from the faucet or providing a mini massage, we are there to pamper your cat!



Dog Sitting
If you are going on vacation or traveling for business, we would love to take care of your little ones. Our goal is to keep your pet on the same schedule and routine as if you were there. All of the details related to your pet care needs will be discussed during the initial meet and greet.


Pet Sitting by the Hour
This is a service tailored to clients that have puppies, elderly dogs, dogs suffering from separation anxiety or those that simply don’t want their fur baby home alone. With a 2-hour minimum, we will come and pet sit in your home, just how one would hire a babysitter.



Overnight Pet Care
Some pets are used to sleeping in bed with their pet parents. Others may not be able to be home alone due to separation anxiety or being older. We understand. We arrive at 8:30 pm for our overnight pet party and stay until 7:30 am. We take care of the pets nightly and morning routines. This service pairs well with our day visits.


Pet Massage
After a hard day of romping at the dog park, massage can help reduce stiffness and fatigue when they return home.  Massage helps by increasing the circulation and flushing waste products from the muscle tissues. It can also help your dog deal with any stress they may experience while you’re away.  Older dogs can particularly benefit from the healing properties of massage by increasing joint health and strengthening their immune system.


Pet Taxi Service
Does your hectic life leave you little time to take your pet to important appointments?  Just give us a call! We’ll handle the rest.

This service is available to existing clients only.