Today is World Pet Memorial Day

Every year, on the second Sunday of June, pet parents can honor and remember pets no longer with them. World Pet Memorial Day takes place this year on June 10th. Losing a pet has been shown to be just as devastating, if not more devastating, than losing a human friend or family member. Our pets are with us every day. They welcome us home with wagging tails and happy meows. They give us unconditional love and support and ask for very little in return. On this day, we should all take the time to show the pets we’ve lost the same unconditional love by remembering them.  Here’s some things you can do in to preserve their memory.

Simply Remembering

One of the easiest way to memorialize your pets is to think about all the wonderful memories you shared. You and your family can sit down and talk about how much your dog loved to chase tennis balls or how silly your cat went for catnip. By keeping those memories alive, a part of your pets will always stay alive.

Creating a Memorial

Another way to remember your passed pets is to create a physical memorial. There are lots of online stores offering physical objects to remember your pets by. Some of these memorials include: stone markers, custom jewelry, or engraved frames. By having something physical to see and feel, it makes it feel like your pet is not truly gone. You can go and “visit” them when you are missing them.

Helping Needy Pets

You can also honor pets you have lost by helping those that are alive and are in need. Try volunteering at your local shelter. Shelters are always looking for donations. A great way of memorializing your pet is making a donation in their name.

When a beloved pet dies are never truly gone. They live on in our memories and hearts forever. World Pet Memorial Day is a day to spend a few more moments remembering all of those furry snuggles and kisses.


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