Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Summer is a fun time for humans and pets alike! So many activities to enjoy together outdoors. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun and forget about the dangers that the summer can bring. While you might know how to keep your human family member cool and safe, pets require different precautions. This is because dogs and cats don’t sweat like humans do. They cool off through their pads on their paws and by panting. Since your pet can’t tell you that they might be feeling sick from the sun, it’s important for you to know how to keep them cook and safe in the first place. Here are some of the top ways to keep your pet safe this summer.

Never leave your pet in the car!

Pets can suffer from heat stroke and suffocation within minutes when left in a hot car. Leaving the windows cracked doesn’t do much to keep the them cool. When parked in the sun, temperatures inside the car can more than double that of the temperatures outside. The inside temperature can reach dangerous levels even when parked in the shade. On those hot days, it’s best to just leave your dog at home if you’ll be out in the car running errands.

Protect their paws!

If you’ve ever walked barefoot on asphalt, you know first hand how hot it gets! It’s can easily cause burns on unprotected skin. This goes for you pets paws as well! Be careful of surfaces like dark pavement and metal when letting your pet outside. Not only can it cause burns, but it can also increase their body temperature. Along with the hot air temperature, they’re at increased risk of heat stroke.

Make sure their protected from bugs and parasites

Although you should be protecting your pets from these things all year, nasty bugs and parasites are in full force during the summer. Among these include: ticks, fleas, heartworms, and mosquitoes. Check with your vet to make sure they’ve had all the proper medications to protect them.

Careful with the grooming!

It might seem like a good idea to shave longer haired pets during the summer, it’s actually dangerous to do so! Animals use their coats for heat regulation and removing most of it can leave them vulnerable to heat stroke. For difficult to manage coats, go to a professional groomer for minor trims. Brushing cats or dogs more often during the summer can help as well.

Let water be plentiful

Dogs and cats need more water during the summer months. They will be using and losing more water as they sweat to keep cool. Keep an eye on those water bowls and make sure to refill as often as possible. If your cat is an outdoor cat, keep a bowl or two outside so they’ll have guaranteed access.


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